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VP Leni Goes Undercover as Lugaw Vendor in Muntinlupa

MUNTINLUPA – A viral photo of Alabang and other places in Muntinlupa city had been cleaned up this is due to the president going undercover and visiting the mayor. But before that had happened, VP Leni is asked by President Rodrigo Duterte to help him

munggo 101

Duterte: Friday is Munggo Ulam Day

MANILA – As the inauguration of the new president of the Philippines is set on Friday, one of the main dishes on the said event is the most popular Ginisang Mungo. There are now talks about passing a law of making Munggo the National Ulam

“Laglag Bugok” Scam Terrorizing Visitors in NAIA

MANILA – It has been weeks that “Laglag Bala” scam is all over the news, another kind of scam is also happening in the country’s prime airport which is this time rather than using bullets the scammers are using Rotten Eggs to spoil tourists, OFWs