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5 Reasons why Filipinas need not to wear Makeup

MANILA – Filipinas are by far have a unique look, they look pretty and cute the longer you look at them. This could be because of the several races from Asia and the west that mixed on this archipelago. Lets take a deeper look on

11 Reasons Why you Should Love a Filipina

MANILA –  Ever wondered why other races loves to have a Filipina to be their wife, girlfriend or a companion. Well you came to the right place where you can know the 11 reasons why you should be one of the many that enjoyed their

11 Things you Need to Know About Filipino Men

MANILA – Have you ever wondered what kind of breed Filipino Men are? Well here are the 11 things you should know about them. Filipino men are exceptional and definitely one of a kind specie of men in the human race. They have an overflowing