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11 Cancers that is Killing the Filipino Society

PHILIPPINES – Did you know what are the 11 cancers that is killing the Filipino Society? No it is not the usual disease that you are thinking but it is all about the traits and practices that the Filipinos have that is little by little killing the

5 Things that Single Guys should Stop Doing

MANILA –  Have you ever realized that there are things that single guys should stop doing to be able to get a partner for life and have a successful family in the future. We got to talk with our resident Love expert Dr. Joma “Lover

11 Reasons why men should get Circumcised?

MANILA – Ever wondered why most Asians and the Jews, specifically Catholics is getting circumcised? While for other countries like the west it is not a compulsory activity, or for some state in the United States it is even prohibited. In this Article we listed

11 Recommended Things Filipino Men Should Stop Doing

MANILA – Filipino are fun of doing several stuff that sometimes make them stupid and not funny at all. Things that degrade them as an epitome this great male specie of the world. We listed 11 things that Filipino should stop doing to maintain and

Babae Naghahamon ng higit sa 1000 Likes para Mag-Pushup

LAS PINAS – Isang dalaga ang gustong dalhin sa next level ang pagiging sexy nya, nagpost sya sa kanyang FB Wall ng hamon, na kung saan kung ilang likes ang makukuha ng kanyang post ganun din kadami ang kanyang gagawing push-up. Si Maricar, 21 y/o