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Takusa Homecare Institute

TARLAC – With the rising violence against men on different households in the country, the NGO KAlinga Para sa InAbusong Lalaki (KAPAL) built a shelter for them.

10 Signs of “Low Life” Thinking

BAGUIO – Some sociology student researchers from the University of Baguio have finished their research about “Low Life Thinking Syndromes” and they have shared with us their top 10 signs or syndromes of being Low Life thinkers. Low life thinking have a great impact on

Pretty Meat Vendor

Pretty Meat Vendor from Paniqui Tarlac

PANIQUI TARLAC – The production crew of Aliguas Kayapa Films stopped over the public market of Paniqui to check out the local market for Tarlac products and to try out what the town can offer. But the team where surprised by the pretty meat vendor on

9 Ways to Shove Away an Overly Obsessed Fan in a Nice Way

PHILIPPINES – Have you ever wondered how artist and professional performers handle their fans, specially those that are too pushy, or obsessed on following them. Well read over this article to know the ways they use to shove them away without loosing any of their