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How Humans are Used as Batteries

WASHINGTON (Atras Abante Satire News Group) – When we think of a battery, we often think of an object that stores electrical energy for powering electronic devices. This common definition of battery only shows us the overt meaning of battery. To find its deeper meanings, you

San Manuel Tarlac first to Raise LGBT Flag

SAN MANUEL, TARLAC (Atras Abante News Group) – Marriage between same sex couples is a big issue in the country and deeply opposed by the Catholic Church. Other Christian sectors though allow ceremonial marriage of LGBT couples, but it is surprising to know that one

Pretty Meat Vendor

Pretty Meat Vendor from Paniqui Tarlac

PANIQUI TARLAC – The production crew of Aliguas Kayapa Films stopped over the public market of Paniqui to check out the local market for Tarlac products and to try out what the town can offer. But the team where surprised by the pretty meat vendor on

Ampalaya Festival to be held on February 14, 2015

PHILIPPINES – Atras-abante one of the prime news agency in the country will be hosting the first online nationwide festival which is the Ampalaya Festival on the 14th day of February 2015. Ampalaya Festival aims to advocate a healthy heart in a holistic manner with

Vice Ganda got Kim Jong-un as Fan

PYONGYANG – Manila Film Festival 2014 started showing its line up of participating movies last December 25, and one of the top grossing movie is The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin starred by Vice Ganda which is getting fans all over the world even those that are less