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Duterte: Friday is Munggo Ulam Day

MANILA – As the inauguration of the new president of the Philippines is set on Friday, one of the main dishes on the said event is the most popular Ginisang Mungo. There are now talks about passing a law of making Munggo the National Ulam

Shut Up Kris – PNoy

MANILA (Atras Abante News Group) – After an interview about the article stating Kris Aquino’s comment to Maria Ozawa, PNoy have broken his silence and had released a private message to media. PNoy said that he disagrees with her sister and he also denied that

10 Signs of “Low Life” Thinking

BAGUIO – Some sociology student researchers from the University of Baguio have finished their research about “Low Life Thinking Syndromes” and they have shared with us their top 10 signs or syndromes of being Low Life thinkers. Low life thinking have a great impact on

WANTED Notorius Goat from Zambar

ZAMBAR AFRICA – The alleged chief of command already given his statement about the crime happened at Lokolokow Village of Zambar. In his detailed speech he said that he did give the orders to take down the most notorious goat in town with a price of