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About Us


Atras  Abante is a Satirical News Site from the Philippines, it writes about social issues, political truths in a twisted manner. Some articles might have a little to none probability of truthfulness on it.

Atras Abante is a Filipino phrase which means “to move backward then forward” wherein it is named as such to cater to the reaction of the people who are reading the articles found in the site, whether they will be backwardly believing the news or forwardly getting the humor behind the news.

The site is created to cater not just to release funny and humorous articles but also to give way to creative and fictional writers to practice on.

The Staff

  • Joe Paltos – Editor In Chief
  • Ben Tenorio – Professional Swager
  • Rose Arthadi – Professional Sosyalera
  • Reginald Oli – Over the Sea Correspondent
  • Herman Manero – Weather Man
  • Alfredo Maximo – Editorial Pogi