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Sen. Sotto Recommended to Build the Philippine Great Sea Wall to Stop Fishes from Migrating to China

MANILA PHILIPPINES – After Senator Sotto’s remark that China can fish in our waters because fishes maybe coming from China or the fishes from the Philippines is migrating to China. The said remark back lashed on him, where people asked him is their any passport for the fish and is their someone that serves as Fish Immigration Officer on the EEZs of the country in West Philippine Sea.

With the critics comment, the senator just gave yet another brilliant idea, which is the Philippine Great Sea Wall which will prevent fishes from migrating to China’s territory or surrounding countries. The sea wall is comprised of hard corrugated metal fence which will be placed underwater. He also recommended that the government should place a Fish Immigration Officer to check fishes who wants to move towards our territory.

A mock up of the seawall with the proposed Fish Immigration officer.

Upon asking DPWH and the Navy, they said this is impossible and can be bad to the environment, but if the senator insist it, why don’t we try the idea, after all we always have an issue on other countries fishing on our EEZs and getting into the reasoning of the senator it seems the other country’s fishes are being chased off by them and we have to control that. So the wall can be an option.

The team also tried to reach out with DFA if they are willing to place a Fish Immigration officer based on the proposal, they just replied with “BOBO”

So whatever the solution is, hopefully it works and maintain the country’s sovereignty.