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China to Request UN Security Council to help Liberal Party to turn over Duterte to ICC

BEIJING China – Yet another announcement made by President Xi Jinping where he personally requested the help of UN Security Council to deploy their para-military force to assist Liberal Party to catch and turnover President Duterte to International Criminal Court.

This new development came in when China had changed its instance on supporting the Philippine Government’s current leadership to its Vice President Leni Robredo. For a reason that Robredo’s party is seen to be more patriotic than the current leadership. But this time China is hitting Duterte anew with issues on human rights violation, where drug peddlers are killed extra judicially. China considers the issue on EJK as a grave violation to human rights.

President Xi Jinping then requested the UN Security Council to assist the opposition led by the Liberal Party and Leni Robredo to assist them on turning over President Duterte to ICC and help on peaceful transition of power to the vice president.