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China to Give Back Panatag Shoal if Leni Robredo becomes President Officially

BEIJING, China – President Xi Jinping announced this Saturday after a close meeting with his political and international relations advisers to surrender jurisdiction of Panatag Shoal to the Philippines in one condition to fully transfer power to Leni Robredo.

For a long time China had been handling jurisdiction over Panatag Shoal and controls access to the said fish and resource rich island off the coast of Zambales Philippines. China considers the island and other islands in West Philippine Sea to be within their 9 dash line, but considered by the UN via Hague to be null and void and shall not be enforced.

Panatag Shoal

Island long seized by China

Though this Saturday (April 13, 2019) President Xi Jinping announced that they are ready to discuss jurisdiction over Panatag Shoal. They will be ready to give it up if one condition is met, to¬† fully transfer government power to Leni Robredo and Duterte to step down. China pointed out that they lost their trust with the Philippine Government and leadership of Duterte after he can’t control the problems of his country, and believes that Leni Robredo can handle more effectively.

Malacanang Palace is yet to comment about this developing story.