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US urges Duterte to resign and let VP Leni, to lead freely the country

WASHINGTON, United States (ATRAS ABANTE SATIRE NEWS GROUP) – The United States on Friday urged the President Duterte to quickly resign and let VP Leni Robredo to take over the government and lead freely.

A State Department spokesperson said the United States was “concerned” about the reality of President Rodrigo Duterte still being the president of the Republic of the Philippines until now and called on the Philippines to please allow a better president than what we have right now.

“Having a president with a heart is a cornerstone of any truly successful society and a fundamental free world recognized by both the United States and the Philippines,” the spokesperson said.

“VP Leni Robredo is a highly respected and experienced politician and a truly brilliant mathematician which the country needs to calculate and find solutions to solve its national problem.

“We hope that President Duterte to resign immediately, in a way that fully hand over the president sit to the duly elected vice president, allow VP Leni Robredo and the Philippines to fully realize its potential and uphold rule of law as its very nature.”

After winning the 2016 election VP Leni Robredo she became critical to the issues in the country and President Duterte’s way of governing the country. Though questioned by how she won the 2016 election by Bong Bong Marcos, she is still considered to be the real winner for all liberal countries.

Though US President Donald Trump shares Duterte’s antipathy toward VP Leni Robredo, but the rest of the US government has generally still believe that she is better than President Duterte.