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Mar Roxas is Duterte’s Marijuana Supplier

MANILA – President Duterte yesterday admitted that he uses marijuana to keep him awake, relax and cope up with stress. In the Philippines though Marijuana is not yet legally allowed to be used both medical and recreational and supply can only be accessed from underground peddlers or those that have great influence in the government the likes of Mar Roxas.

Mar Roxas is a president aspirant during the 2016 election and he admitted that he knows where to buy drugs and other narcotic products across the country, he lost the bid to be a president in 2016 but coming back this 2019 to run as a senator. With the information that he knows where to get the supply, an aid to the president asked his help for the supply of joints the president can use to cope up with stress.

During the last election, it is known that the President and Mar Roxas is not in good terms due to some mudslinging issues. Yet the aid still asked his help and believes that it is just all about business and supplying the president with needed joints. Mar Roxas then happily provided the supply of joints ordered by the aid of the president.

This developing relationship between the two is a big thing for the political landscape in the country.