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Thank You Bam Aquino for the Construction of the 2019 SEA Games Facilities Budget

QUEZON CITY (ATRAS ABANTE SATIRE NEWS GROUP) – Bam Aquino a former youth leader and social entrepreneur, Senator Bam Aquino has 19 laws under his belt and continues to empower Filipino families through education, culture, arts, sports, entrepreneurship and employment. Is the Senator who pushed for the budget to make sure that the 2019 SEA Games Facilities built in Clark Green City located at Bamban, Tarlac.

The Senator is known to be a big supporter of Sports as an equalizer for social and national opportunities. So he believes that supporting the country’s effort on making sure that hosting the SEA Games for 2019 will be successful and be applauded by the participating countries, Senator Bam Aquino made sure that the budgetary requirement will be released on a timely manner and they hit target on or before the influx of the participants in the venue.

We really thank Senator Bam Aquino on his efforts to make sure everything goes well on all the high profile projects on the current administration even he doesn’t fully support the President.