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Add Gun Assembly as Basic Subject on K12 urged by ACT and Bayan Muna

DAVAO – ACT Party List Castro and Bayan Muna Ocampo got into a mess the recent week due to transporting minors from a Lumad School in Talaingod. Last December 3 they are released and back in Manila and they are now back in action and now focuses on urging the government to add Gun Assembly as Basic Subject on K12.

ACT Party List France Castro urges the government to include Gun Assembly as basic subject on K12 as part of strengthening effort on CAT and ROTC program. She said having the gun assembly subject will enable our future generation to be an effective reservist and be more useful to AFP when time comes that the country get into war with any country.

Bayan Muna Satur Ocampo supported the recommendation when asked, as he also believed that starting our army or reservist young when it comes to this kind of training can make them better fighters and tougher when war comes. He also believe that it will instill a certain level of  philosophy and discipline to the student.

Castro and Ocampo will help together to draft the law about this one and hoping that it gets passed and approved on or before the election period so that students can enjoy the subject once the school year 2019 – 2020 opens.