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Gabriela to Sue Halik’s Production Team for Portrayal of Women as Unfaithful

MANILA (ATRAS ABANTE SATIRE NEWS SITE) – Halik is a popular teleserye shown every weeknights in ABS-CBN that is about a married woman having an affair with another married man and Gabriela a women’s rights group lambasted the show this weekend for tarnishing the image of women.


Halik a weeknight show by ABS-CBN about an infidel married woman having an affair with another married man

Gabriela a popular woman’s activist group in the Philippines who protects women’s right and fights for equality as treatment with women lambasted this Saturday a popular show of ABS-CBN titled Halik which is about a married woman named Jade having an affair with another married man named Ace. According to them it tarnishes the image of women as it shows that they are unfaithful, can’t handle relationship properly and objectified. The group calls for a change on plot where they expect Jade to get back to his husband Lino and be faithful while Ace be put into jail, and if this changes are not made Gabriela will sue the director and production team.

The production team and its director though is yet to give an official statement but someone from the inside texted an unofficial statement, “Ano pake nila, affected ba sila with the truth, baka naman kagagwan nila, it is better that they get the hell out of our artistic direction, freedom ito to portray what we want and at the end of the day show a moral lesson.” As of the writing of this article, the team doesn’t have plans to meet up with Gabriela as it is a waste of time.

The same protest happened with Ang Probinsyano by PNP and DILG but came to an agreement to support each other and maintain a level of freedom with utmost responsibility. We hope that the same happens with Halik and Gabriela.