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League of Barangays in the Philippines Rally to not Vote for Mar Roxas

MANILA (ATRAS ABANTE SATIRE NEWS GROUP) – A known association by Barangay Captains across the Philippines had agreed and rallied to ask every barangay captain’s associates and constituents not to vote for Mar Roxas as Senator this coming 2019 election. The call just started today (October 25, 2018) when several Barangay Captains from Tacloban to requested the League of Barangays to not support Mar Roxas.

From an email sent to us by the League of Barangays Secretariat. Different barangay captains from Tacloban sent a request to the League’s president that “for the solidarity of the association may we request that all Barangay Captains in the Philippines to support the call not to vote for Mar Roxas this coming 2019 Election for his atrocities in Tacloban after typhoon Yolanda devastated the whole city. Upon receiving the request, the league’s president immediately acted upon it and sent the request to all barangay captains in the country.

This actions is somewhat against democracy but different barangay captains commented that it is a sacrifice to be done for a better Philippines. But for some barangay captains it is still something to reconsider and must uphold the constitution when it comes to elections and freedom to vote whom they deem to be fit on their standards.