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Leni Robredo is the new Philippine President

MANILA (ATRAS ABANTE SATIRE NEWS GROUP) – A news just came in that VP Robredo is the new president of Republic of the Philippines. Where everyone is asleep, the next day she was proclaimed president, wherein everyone is at shocked even her party mates and their party president Kiko Pangilinan.

With this extra-ordinary phenomena. Wherein just yesterday we are hearing President Duterte talking about the welfare of the country, getting an equal deal in China and giving discipline to Filipinos who resort to vagrancy rather than working and being productive for the country. But today all of those is taken away overnight and we have a new President, it is just like taking away the vice presidency from Bongbong Marcos. How did this happen we don’t know.

Transformation Grace

VP Robredo being prayed on by a group of Transformation Sisters

Anyhow an interview to Robredo’s Chief of Staff, told us that everything happened in a snap, and everyone is struggling to put things into place and know the plans of the new president as to how everything will be handled, what are her agenda for the country and etc. Anyway her Chief of Staff just told us to just enjoy the free Lugaw outside their office and they will hopefully sort out everything by tomorrow.