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Mayor Belen of Dagupan Making the City Streets Safe with Her Mio

DAGUPAN (ATRAS ABANTE SATIRE NEWS GROUP) –  Being inspired with how President Duterte when he is still a Mayor loves his city Davao, where he hail a taxi during the night to discreetly patrol the city’s streets. Following the footsteps of President Duterte, Mayor Belen Fernandez of Dagupan City Pangasinan, uses a Mio motorcycle to patrol the streets.

Mayor Belen was seen last night going around Perez Boulevard around 8:00 PM using a Mio motorcycle, where she stop by to say hello to teens and other bystanders and asking “Sanlabi ed sikayo, okay lang kayo?” (Good Evening, are you okay?). When the mayor was asked why is she doing it? She politely answered “I just want to see the city streets situation during the night personally, and effectively work with my policemen on how to go about with the safety of the city”.

Mayor Belen and her Mio

Mayor Belen With Bystanders in De Venecia Hiway, on one of her stopover

It is known that she is doing this already since December Last Year as part of her advocacy to promote love, peace and prosperity to her constituents in the city. Asking her constituents, for them seeing the Mayor in her Mio motorcycle patrolling the streets give them comfort and feels the sincerity for the security of the people of Dagupan. Even her detractors admired the move and may somehow help her patrol when they see her on the streets. Some see it as a good move for the Mayor as there is an increasing petty crime problem in the city and find a solution personally.

Though even with goodwill as other see it, as a publicity stunt just like what PM Stoltenberg did on Norway. Whatever the reason why the Mayor is doing this with her Mio motorcycle it is helping the city.