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Satire News Vs. Fake News

BAGUIO – (Atras Abante Satire News Group) For the past weeks the Senate had been probing fake news and there is a point where they dragged the name of Satire News, and making it as if they are the same. Though they seems to be the same with the kind news they publish, but they are definitely different.

In this article, we will be discussing 6 points that makes the two different.

  1. Satire News(SN) is purely creative made by a very imaginative mind, though it is tagged as news, all the news it provides won’t indict any person, individual or organization, and the articles are funny most of the time. While for fake news(FN) it can be creative or not, though it is being found even in traditional media, news looks so true that it can be used for propaganda.
  2. SN can be so creative that it can provide an idea just like this Genius Baby which provide an idea of the future, while for FN it gives a bad idea of the future because it is purely propaganda.
  3. SN will always be funny and impossible to happen as of the moment unless the idea is taken even if it doesn’t intend to incite an idea. While for FN it is not funny, and it incites possibility to happen now, due to its nature that maligns a person, individual and any organization, then again it is propaganda.
  4. SN writers can be both anonymous or not, screen names are used because they want an online persona that makes them feel more creative, while for FN, writers will always be anonymous, they are afraid of accountability.
  5. FN will never disclaimers, while SNs have that they are satirical and should read it critically.
  6. SN is spoof, FN is propaganda

When reading articles or news anywhere we should always be critical and be very observant, don’t allow yourself be a vehicle of bad information.