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Intoxicated Man Arrested After Calling 911 to Protest Eviction

(ATRAS – ABANTE SATIRE NEWS GROUP) TARLAC CITY- An intoxicated man was arrested Wednesday night for calling 911 after being repeatedly warned by police operators not to do so, Tarlac City Police spokesman Rodel Mercado said.

Donato Aquino, 69, of Mayantoc, Tarlac City, had been hired by a Ivy Aguas hired a man to help repair the resident’s pozo negro on F. Tanedo Street.

The resident was letting Donato stay overnight in an extra bedroom, but he overstayed his welcome and refused to leave, Ivy said.

When SPO1 Jayvee Aquino told Donato to gather his things and leave, Donato refused, saying he would have to be evicted and demanding to see a supervisor, Rodel said.

Sgt. Jake Ramos soon arrived and again told Donato he would have to leave, but Donato continued to argue and demanded to see a lieutenant, Rodel said.

After Jake refused to call a lieutenant, Donato said he would call 911 to demand one, Rodel said.

Donato, who was told that he would be arrested if he called 911 for a non-emergency, eventually carried his belongings across the street and stood outside the home, struggling to stay on his feet, Rodel said.

While police officers were keeping watch, they said they saw Donato talking on his cellphone. Jake checked with dispatchers, who said an intoxicated man was calling them from a house on F.Tanedo Street, Rodel said.

Donato was arrested and taken to jail. He faces a charge of misuse of the 911 system.