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Supreme Court to VP Leni: No protection for speech maligning the country

MANILA (Atras Abante Satire News Group) – A supreme court judge has rejected VP Leni Robredo free speech defense against a lawsuit accusing her of maligning the country that focuses on Extra Judicial Killing shown during the “Human Rights Challenge: Responding to Extrajudicial Killings in the Drug War”, a side session organized by UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs on its 60th Annual Meeting.

The video is identified to be maligning the country and had an impact to the country’s economic state and international relationship. After the video is show EU had condemned the country and backed out on some investments and some OFW had experienced bad treatment because of this video.

Supreme  Court also explained that it can be used to impeach the vice president on the grounds of treason. Even if she uses the defense on free speech she can’t be protected.