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High on drugs, truck driver travels from Ilocos Norte to Davao NON-STOP gets license revoked

MANILA (Atras Abante Satire News Group) – While it’s quite normal for people to behave strangely when high on intoxicants, this act of a truck driver has taken oddity to an altogether new level.

Marko Cerna — a truck driver from Caba La Union — was arrested by the Davao City police recently as they believe he drove from Batac Ilocos Norte to Davao City while in a state of intoxication. The truck driver was reportedly high on crystal methamphetamine, marijuana, and katol, and also violated many motor vehicle rules during his long non-stop journey which finally ended with his arrest at Poblacion, Davao City.

Marko’s unusual behavior led to his arrest when a person spotted him and called the police. The Recorder quotes Davao City Police Officer Joe Macalintal saying, “SM City Employee noticed something was up, that wasn’t normal. He was running around the parking lot and was confrontational.”

The report also had the police official saying that the driver threw his Shell Fleet Card into the truck’s fuel tank apart from locking himself out of the vehicle and ‘trying to climb into the cab’ via the space ‘between the cab and the trailer’. He also reportedly told that Marko was ‘clearly a danger to himself and others’.

Meanwhile, Marko’s driving license has been revoked by LTO, his truck has been confiscated and sent for inspection.