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President Duterte leaked email reveals Davao has ‘200 nukes all pointed to Enemies’ Matobato Claimed

DAVAO CITY (Atras Abante Satire News Group) – Edgar Matobato, EJK Witness by Senator Laila De Lima also claimed today that he is also a member of the well known Anonymous Philippines and he hacked several high profile politicians, one of them is President Rodrigo Duterte.

It is just today that Davao is known to have a capability to produce nuclear weapons. And no one could believe it unless Matobato can produce real concrete evidences about it or a print out of what he claims as email leaks that he was able to hack from the President’s email.

Speaking to the Atras Abante News Group on Sunday morning, Matobato, a former member of CAFGU and DDS as he claims who has served President Duterte when he is still Mayor of Davao and the AFP, said he was referring to public estimates of Davao’s nukes that he was able to hack and read from the President’s email conversation to colleagues. He like many people believe that there may be a capability, and the number 200 has been based on what he was able to read on the emails which was 10 years old already. The emails were exchanged with business partner and political allies, with where and how they will be used to target enemies like political detractors, drug pushers and criminals.

In emails sent by the President from his personal Gmail account, Matobato said: “Enemies can’t attack us. The enemies know Davao has 200, all targeted on them.”

President Rodrigo Duterte

A shot taken by Brillante Mendoza during the President’s SONA. Matobato claims that Davao has 200 Nukes based on the President’s emails he leaked.

According to Senator Trillanes, “It’s noteworthy that Edgar Matobato leaked that email, obviously, we can use this as part of the investigation on the Extra Judicial Killing done on or before the President’s regime.” Today’s leak is the latest in a string of high-profile disclosures which appear intended to intensify the Plan B campaign of the liberal party against the President.

After knowing this report NBI is currently investigating the email leak.