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VP Leni Goes Undercover as Lugaw Vendor in Muntinlupa

MUNTINLUPA – A viral photo of Alabang and other places in Muntinlupa city had been cleaned up this is due to the president going undercover and visiting the mayor. But before that had happened, VP Leni is asked by President Rodrigo Duterte to help him look into the situation and draw a plan to solve it.

Photo Credit to: Paul Ampongan

Photo Credit to: Paul Ampongan

VP Leni Robredo goes undercover as Lugaw Vendor in one of the stalls along the sidewalks of Alabang and got a feel of the problems of those resorting to the sidewalks to sell. With three days of going undercover VP Leni, learned that the very reason they go to the sidewalks is that the rent is too much, and with Market Mayors that bully and ask for extra payments.

In line with the observation VP Leni submitted a report to President Rodrigo about the problem which made the president ride his motorbike and go straight to Muntinlupa Mayor Fresnedi’s office┬áto ask the local executive personally to remove the sidewalk vendors, bring them back to the market and put the market mayors to jail and protect the vendors from these kinds of corrupt people.