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Takusa Homecare Institute

TARLAC – With the rising violence against men on different households in the country, the NGO KAlinga Para sa InAbusong Lalaki (KAPAL) built a shelter for them.

Takusa Homecare Institute is built by KAPAL to take care of those that are abused by their wife. Based from the groups, there are over 58% of men in the Philippines to have been both physically and psychologically abused by their wife by 2015. It is also proven that on very 14.6 seconds, a man is being abused by his wife or girlfriend. With this data it necessitates building a facility to accept men that are abused and neglected of love.


Based from the Data of KAPAL Study last January 2016

The first facility to handle this kind cases will be built in Tarlac City, where from statistics has the highest number of Abuse Against Men. Also the group is lobbying to create a unified desk for both Men and Women that tackles abuses, where they said it should not be selective.