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New Sports Developed by a CS Lorma Student

SAN FERNANDO LA UNION – Different games had been developed everyday, but here is a fun filled game developed by Computer Science Student from Lorma. But mind you guys, it is not a computer game but a physical game, played in the pool.

The said game is called as Human Jam Pool, developed by Norman Santiago a graduate of computer science student from Lorma Colleges, where he created several applications and games using his knowledge on programming. But this time the game he developed is very different from what he used to do. It is a physical game, where humans are used to be tossed around the pool, and the person who failed to catch the person who is being tossed will be the next one to be tossed around.

According to him, he wants to create a game that both programmers and other professionals can enjoy anytime they want when they are having fun in a pool. Or want an alternative to the common pool volleyball.