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ABS – CBN will not get renewed after 2020

MANILA – ABS-CBN Corporation’s franchise business to work and also preserve tv and also broadcast broadcasting stations will run out in 2020.

ABS-CBN chose an early renewal treatment in September 2014 as well as experienced the normal legislative process. But due to time restraints, ABS-CBN later on decided to remove the application with the intent from finding renewal in the 17th Congress.

Cases that the franchise business will certainly not be extended is actually correct and the control sorrows concerning this.

For the franchise business renewal, our company believe that our federal government will promote the suitables of freedom featuring the rights to free speech and also expression, and ABS-CBN had failed on that particular. They had actually been actually predisposition for exactly how a lot of years specially during the course of the final political election.

ABS-CBN just neglected this commitment to become in civil service by delivering headlines and information that concern to the Filipino.