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Want a Memorable Ride during APEC? Look at Grab’s new Car Service

MANILA – With carmageddon effect of the current APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Conference) Summit in our capital region’s main thorough fares. Grab’s group who brought to us Grab – a – Taxi and Grab – a – Car service will be providing a new Car Service during the APEC Summit for common commuters and citizens.

Grab - A - Karo

One of the redesigned karo for the Grab – A – Karo Service, it also have a free WIFI.

They call it Grab – a – Karo, a new experimental car service for everyone to enjoy. The service will feature cars that are commonly used for funerals which are redesigned with a comfortable bed on it and airconditioned for commuters to lie down during the 4 to 6 hours travel on EDSA or any roads that are dieted to handle the APEC World Leaders Express Lanes, where the common commuters and citizens are trapped on long unending traffic.


EDSA being dieted to handle APEC World Leaders Express, while sacrificing the time of common commuters

Grab – a – Karo service also feature world class mobile audio system which plays mellow music that will keep you relaxed during the trip. It also gives you a personal DJ that changes the playlist as requested by you or your relatives that are using the app as well, just give them the transaction number and they can already message the DJ. Free massage service and WIFI is also offered during the trip.

This is a seasonal service, so grab it and be relaxed during the carmageddon traffic caused by the APEC Summit…