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“Laglag Bugok” Scam Terrorizing Visitors in NAIA

MANILA – It has been weeks that “Laglag Bala” scam is all over the news, another kind of scam is also happening in the country’s prime airport which is this time rather than using bullets the scammers are using Rotten Eggs to spoil tourists, OFWs and the like to their trip in and out of the country.

Just before the Halloween Ms. Jayna Mercado experienced the horror of “Laglag X” scam series of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) this time with Rotten Eggs which they call as “Laglag Bugok”. The lady residing in Cebu City is going home to have a vacation during the weekends for the All Saints Day via Air Asia Zest. But in an unexpected turn of events, everyone is asked to get out of airplane because of an unwanted smell which filled the atmosphere of the cabin, it is a smell of a rotten egg and the smell is coming from the bag of Ms. Jayna. In flight crew and the managing team of the said budget airline company approached Ms. Jayna and investigated her about the incident, she was asked to pay a horrendous amount of penalties because of the rotten egg incident and be liable to legal actions because of delaying the flight operation.


A snap of a couple with a scarf used to cover their nose for them not to smell the rotten egg.

The news team was able to reach Ms. Jayna and ask her side of the story. She narrated that there is no chance that she will be carrying a rotten egg on her bag because she doesn’t have any on her apartment, second she knows that it will have a problem and third it can shame her and be legally liable to what it can cause during the flight if the rotten egg explodes, she is puzzled how did the rotten egg get into her bag, during the interogation she said one of the airport officials approached her and told her that he can find a way to make it up with the airline company and will not be liable to any legal actions. The guy is asking around Php. 100,000 to clear her up from the mess which is definitely smaller than the real amount that she has to pay for penalties. She declined and asked the airport officer to let the proper legal process to take place and have a fair investigation, so Ms. Jayna then asked to review CCTV footages by the time she arrived on the airport and before she get on the airplane.

Upon further investigation, one of the airport officer asked Ms. Jayna to open her carry on bag while she was scanned for deadly weapons and the like, during the time that Ms. Jayna is distracted by the scanning process the officer holding her bag put a rotten egg on one of the pockets and let her pass through after. Though there is no conclusion yet, Ms. Jayna’s lawyers are very confident that she will win the case.