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National Road Construction Year

MANILA – As the Election season is fast approaching, LGUs are also rushing to officially start the National Road Construction Year, that will mark the road development program in nationwide scale.

Governors, congressmen and mayors and other local executives from different local government units are implementingĀ Road Development Program to fix and improve roads that are still okay, yet to be not okay and totally not okay before they get out of their post. But little do we know that things will get into halt when the Election Season comes, because funds are not allowed to be released when Comelec officially starts accepting candidates and doing campaigns.


A road construction in the Municipality of Mapandan under the Road Development Program

To bridge the problem of halting funds, a congressman from one of the districts in Pangasinan with the help of Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) drafted a resolution which will mark the start of National Road Construction Year, which will start from September 2015 to September 2016. The some highlights on the resolution;

  1. Funds can be released even the election season starts to finish all projects
  2. Funds are not subjected to audit
  3. Funds are to be handed directly to the proponent, i.e. mayor, congressman, governor and the like
  4. Barangay Captains are allowed to collect 10% from the total budget of the project

If this goes through, for sure local executives will have enough budget to finish all the projects and doughs on their pocket for the election campaign needs.