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Shut Up Kris – PNoy

MANILA (Atras Abante News Group) – After an interview about the article stating Kris Aquino’s comment to Maria Ozawa, PNoy have broken his silence and had released a private message to media. PNoy said that he disagrees with her sister and he also denied that she knew her sisters comment.  ”Hindi ko po alam na may ganoong hinaing ang aking kapatid, gayun pa man ako po ay may isang salita; Pakakasalan ko si Maria Ozawa, So Shut up Kris!!!”.

ShutUP Kris

Recently PNoy already released press release statement stating that he, Our President, is already going out privately with Maria Ozawa. Our President is now trying to face a lot of problems of the Philippines, but still he is a Man with desire.

Meanwhile, Maria Ozawa is now starting to sign some contracts to a movie they are going to create with our action star, Robin Padilla. When Maria Ozawa was asked about her comment to what Kris has said; she just said “Not as many as her”.  She sounds profound and calm while commenting and she didn’t even fear the queen of all media Kris Aquino. Although Maria Ozawa didn’t say anything about what’s the status of her relationship with the president of the Philippines, She just gave a hint; “I am looking forward to what will happen to our movie (with Robin) and my career here in the Philippines”.

So, what do you think that means?