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San Manuel Tarlac first to Raise LGBT Flag

SAN MANUEL, TARLAC (Atras Abante News Group) – Marriage between same sex couples is a big issue in the country and deeply opposed by the Catholic Church. Other Christian sectors though allow ceremonial marriage of LGBT couples, but it is surprising to know that one of the municipalities in Tarlac will defy the norm of the country.

San Manuel Tarlac is a fourth class municipality of the Province of Tarlac with 24,289 population. The town is a typically rustic community located at the northernmost tip of the Province of Tarlac. The municipality is known for their Buridibud (kind of vegetable stew) festival and its large gay population which comprise 30% of the total population of the town.

An epic municipal resolution 6988 is being authored by one of the councilors in the town of San Manuel, Tarlac with the help of Bromance Foundation Incorporated, the resolution LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered) Act of 2015 focuses on the rights of LGBT members specifically on the following;

1. Equal rights for all LGBT members, inclusive opportunity on all services

2. Allow fortification of marriage contracts, initiated by the municipal mayor and any other authority who have the right initiate marriage ceremony

3. Any religious group, organization or individuals who discriminate LGBTs will be legally liable, where they will serve 6 months to 3 years imprisonment and pay damages fee of Php. 2,000,000.00

The full list of rights can be reviewed on the municipal library of San Manuel.

Though the current mayor is not a supporter of the movement, he just signed it and even organized a ceremonial flag raising of the LGBT Flag. The mayor is also using the LGBT opportunity for the coming election and to serve as a model municipality for LGBT friendliness…

San Manuel

The LGBT flag on the pole found in the facade of the Municipal Hall of San Manuel Tarlac