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Miriam seeks probe on fake singers

MANILA (Atras Abante News Group) – After Rhap Salazar hits on non – singers having albums and getting a break rather than real singers or artist given a chance by producers to show their talents and be the ones to build the music industry in the Philippines. Senator Miriam Santiago seeks to probe the issue and find ways to protect the industry from fake and non – singers.


Porket mukhang kabayo, nakakatuwa ng pakingga…

From the session yesterday (July 16, 2015), Senator Miriam Santiago is at rage after reading the statement of Rhap Salazar on his twitter hitting on non – singers about getting the break rather than the real singers and artist getting the opportunity. With this, Sen. Miriam came into realization that it is the mere reason why the music industry and Original Pilipino Music is dying and more trash music is being produced.

Rhap Salazar's tweet hitting on non - singers becoming popular

Rhap Salazar’s tweet hitting on non – singers becoming popular

As per statement by the senator “Nakakalungkot na talaga ang industriya natin sa musika, sira na ata talaga tenga ng mga Pinoy kasi mas gusto nila ang tunog lata, mata na pala gamit ngayon sa pakikinig, porket sexy singer na, porket mukhang kabayo nakakatuwa ng pakinggan kumanta.” The senator also pointed out that we need to uplift the quality of the music produced by the industry to create a better quality of listeners, “Bobo na ang mga taga-pakinig natin, siguro oras na para gawing mas matalino sila at makinig sa mga tunay na singers”.

With this issue Sen. Miriam requested a special probe about the problem with the music industry in the country, which is for the past years is producing more trash and continuously deteriorating. The senator seeks to create a law that will protect real singers, give them a better opportunity and uplift the quality of songs produced by the industry.