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Junjun Binay seen Living on the Streets of Makati after Giving up Mayorial Position

MAKATI (Atras Abante News Group) – Just this morning Mayor Junjun Binay gave up his position as Mayor of the rich city of Makati temporarily until a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) be fortified to make the suspension order not be served and reinstate him as mayor. But the act didn’t pleased VP Jejomar Binay which resulted into a father and son fight.


A photo of Mayor Junjun Binay in front Makati City Hall

Mayor Junjun Binay is accused of overpricing a construction in Makati City, it is a multilevel parking system for the city’s employees and visitor, he was initially given a suspension order from the Ombudsman and be served by the DILG because of that, but they where lucky to get a TRO that time. But then again he was given again a new suspension order but this time they are not lucky to get a TRO immediately. Because of that Mayor Junjun Binay stepped down from his position which then made Vice Mayor Kid Pena to serve as acting Mayor as of the moment.

But with this action of Mayor Junjun Binay didn’t pleased his father which resulted to a fight up to the extent of telling him to get out of their house. Which then resulted to Junjun to get all his things and get out and let his wife with the children to go home first to her mother, while Junjun will stay on the streets of Makati as a pride that he will never live with his wife’s family and to show that he can live on his own without the help of his father.

One of our crew saw Junjun Binay to be  gallivanting around the streets of Salcedo village with a cart of his clothes, and some essentials, no guards and etc.  Could this be the start of Junjun to taste hardships and learn that corruption hungers the very people he is serving. Or will just be a drama for his father to show sympathy to him. Or is he that crazy already because of the pressure he had after several days of barricading Makati City Hall.

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