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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Miriam seeks probe on fake singers

MANILA (Atras Abante News Group) – After Rhap Salazar hits on non – singers having albums and getting a break rather than real singers or artist given a chance by producers to show their talents and be the ones to build the music industry in

Minions are servants of Illuminati

WASHINGTON DC, USA (Atras Abante News Group) – Minions are yellow characters from the popular movie Despicable Me 1 and 2, which just released their own movie this month. And for some theories Minions are being used by Illuminati to be a vehicle to world

San Manuel Tarlac first to Raise LGBT Flag

SAN MANUEL, TARLAC (Atras Abante News Group) – Marriage between same sex couples is a big issue in the country and deeply opposed by the Catholic Church. Other Christian sectors though allow ceremonial marriage of LGBT couples, but it is surprising to know that one

Shut Up Kris – PNoy

MANILA (Atras Abante News Group) – After an interview about the article stating Kris Aquino’s comment to Maria Ozawa, PNoy have broken his silence and had released a private message to media. PNoy said that he disagrees with her sister and he also denied that