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The Heavens might be Farting

ROSALES PANGASINAN –  A strong fart like sound was heard all over Rosales Pangasinan last week, it is so tremendous that it scared a lot of spectators around the place.


Johny Elburo is driving along Manila North Road towards Baguio when he heard a strange sound coming, he thought that his companion Kleng Arenas farted inside his van, but in their surprise it is coming from the sky, so he asked Kleng to take a video of it for sharing. They heard the sound when they are at Rosales Pangasinan. Below is a video shared to us by Johny.

A related incident happened earlier, about 3 to 4 weeks ago when a sound of trumpet was heard all over Bacolod City which is also heard from different places across the globe.

Right now NASA is then again asked to comment on this phenomenon, they gave us a quick filler answer, which is “The Planet could be in LBM”. It is a sarcastic answer but it could be true that our planet is suffering from LBM because of the things we put into it is definitely killing the planet.