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Pretty Meat Vendor from Paniqui Tarlac

PANIQUI TARLAC – The production crew of Aliguas Kayapa Films stopped over the public market of Paniqui to check out the local market for Tarlac products and to try out what the town can offer. But the team where surprised by the pretty meat vendor on one of the stalls.

Pretty Meat Vendor

A snap from the video uploaded by Aliguas Kayapa in Youtube

The pretty meat vendor told the crew that her name is Ashley, she sells pork meat with her gay friend who is equally as nice as her. The crew then asked the common question when they meet pretty lady, if Ashley believes in “Tadhana” or destiny, and she answered yes, for no striking reason but she said that you still control your life. Anyway below is a video segment when she was asked about Tadhana.

[UPDATE] Bellow is another video of her we found on Youtube by one of our crew while she is chopping pork meat.

The crew hopes to meet this fine lady again when we get to stop over Paniqui, it is really striking to see a lady doing a man’s job, this is new lifestyle trend for women this days…