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PNoy to Marry Maria Ozawa

MANILA – Just last night President Noynoy Aquino held a secret meeting about his big life event announcement, with several news group. From the meeting, the president is talking about him marrying Japanese adult video artist Maria Ozawa.

Our president Noynoy Aquino who is from Tarlac, is known to be a great fan of Maria Ozawa since her adult videos days, where he can watch her videos even for 8 hours straight without any break. From the meeting, the president elaborated on how did this thing materialized, he said just 3 months ago they started chatting with each other with the help of Ozawa’s manager. On their conversation the president asked Maria Ozawa to visit the Philippines, and meet personally to finalize any plans they have in mind for the future.


Maria Ozawa as FHM Philippines April Cover Girl

Just last April 2015 Maria Ozawa visited the Philippines, where she became the cover girl of FHM Philippines and she guested on some of the radio programs in Manila. Unknowingly though during those visits the secret meeting between Maria Ozawa and President Noynoy Aquino happened, they both met in Malacanang’s secret BDSM room and discussed how they will go about with each other and when will they get married.

Maria Ozawa guesting on a local radio program Boys Night Out

Maria Ozawa guesting on a local radio program Boys Night Out

And the meeting turned out well, where they decided to get married on 2016 after the elections and when he get out as the president of the country. Both decided as well to have the wedding in Balesin Island and they will make it private, to the point that the president didn’t tell his sister Kris Aquino about the exact location of the wedding until this article be posted and her reading it. Both also decided that they will be building their home in Paracel Islands that the president had reserved (China starts Pre-selling of Reclaimed Islands and the Aquinos are the First to Reserve).

We wish all the best of luck to President Noynoy Aquino and Maria Ozawa…