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China starts Pre-selling of Reclaimed Islands and the Aquinos are the First to Reserve

BEIJING CHINA – China’s reason for getting islands, territories and reclamation projects is now more clear for the world to know. And it is not all about expanding territories but to create a lush housing paradise for the world to live on.

For the past years China had been questioned by the international community on their expansion efforts and territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea, and it is earmarked as defensive and an act against the sovereignty of other Southeast Asian Countries with rightful claims on the territory.

paracel islands

Current activities on one of the islands called Paracel Islands in the West Philippine Sea, it is known that next steps will be on beautification

But just yesterday (June 17, 2015), China shocked the world with their real intentions why they are reclaiming islands, expanding territory over the West Philippine Sea for the reason that they are creating a high end group of islands for the elites to buy and live in a true paradise, with lash greens and white sand that is better than Boracay or Maldives. Though China is not yet saved from the case filed against them on UN Tribunal for Territories, whether it is for housing, economic pouching or defense, it is still considered as illegal.

China though is now pre-selling lots and islands to elites around the world over a Silk Road like portal that the elites, members of Triad and other secret societies all over the world only have access. The said pre-selling is on a bidding like process whoever gets to pay the highest wins the island territory or lot in an island.

In line with this, it came to us by surprise that the one of the buyers are the Aquinos, one island is reserved by our current president. He could have reserved it using his DAP as a good will to get it as a territory of the country, or it could have been a peace offering of China to the country and giving it as a gift. Anyhow whatever the reason why he owns an island over the contested territories is still questionable and maybe a reason to file treason against the president.