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10 Signs of “Low Life” Thinking

BAGUIO – Some sociology student researchers from the University of Baguio have finished their research about “Low Life Thinking Syndromes” and they have shared with us their top 10 signs or syndromes of being Low Life thinkers.


Low life thinking have a great impact on how you perceive things in life, that makes you conclude that life is hard yet you don’t need to do anything about it because you should be supported by everyone else in the community. So how does one person be concluded as Low Life Thinker? Bellow are the top ten signs or syndrome of a low life thinker;

1. They do the blame game, they blame the society, everyone around them, or anyone that refuses to give money or anything to them. They think that everyone who neglect them in the society is the mere reason why they are poor.

2. They always ask for credits in every action that they do, they want to be thanked all the time, and they believe that credits are more important than the effect of their efforts to other people. There are times that they get to grab credits from others and hates to thank those who really did the effort.

3. The “It is your responsibility to help me” mindset, they think that their friends are there subordinates should and will always without any doubts to help them, and if they don’t they get scolding.

4. They think they are a rockstar but with all the wrong senses and reasons, they always want to be on the top of the world, they want to be recognized as the best among the rest and with that they shove “respect me yow” to everyone around them, and they don’t believe that to become a rockstar they have to earn it by doing deeds that are rightful and respectful.

5. Control, control, they have the thinking that they have to control everyone and instill to them that they are to be followed and they are the holy chosen leader in the world.

6. Unlimited bad mouthing, they get to create bad stories about those people around them that they can’t control and thinks otherwise.

7. The “free cake” mindset, they think that everything is done for free as a support and if someone didn’t want to give service to them for free, they think that these people are ugly fools and useless beings.

8. You believe that everyone likes and will die for you, making you think that anyone you pick on will definitely go and get laid with you.

9. they hate systems, they believe that everything should be done in their own ways, they hate to follow orders, standards and etc., they think that systems makes them slow and poorer. That is the mere reason why they think the government fucks them all day.

10. They are damn lazy, they think that opportunities will come on their doorsteps, they think that they should not work for anything else, but if they do work, they will always complain.

Aside from these top 10 reasons, Low Life thinkers are observed to be social climbers and will always look for ways to save face every time things get though and one of their so called sugar daddy or mommy gets angry and bail out.