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Pacman loss from Mayweather

LAS VEGAS – After a very long practice and preparations for the fight of the century, Manny Pacquiao finally had the chance to fight against the rival he needs to face as a boxer. Many people had waited for a very long time for this fight, and also for the promoters to have this fight on the go. Everyone had a very strong feeling about this fight that had started many years ago when Manny Pacquiao was named as the Pound for Pound boxer by Times Magazine.

Finally last year Foyd Mayweather said YES for the fight and it really did a big favor for a lot of boxing fans all around the world.  Bob Arum, said that this fight was the biggest fight he had handled in his whole career as a boxing promoter. A lot of Filipinos are rampaging and giving all their strength to support Pacquiao the boxing pride of the Philippines and also called as the (PAMBANSANG KAMAO).

Sadly a lot of people are devastated, shocked, and crumbled when Manny Pacquiao fell down (once again) at the carpet. When the referee tried to see if he still needs to count, Manny just stayed there like he was sleeping while his eyes are open. A lot of people was worried, some are angry, some just fell down on their knees and cried. Meanwhile in Mayweathers camp they all celebrated and had champagne. When Freddie Roach was asked by the reporters, He just answered “I can’t believe this will happen to us again, We practiced so hard, he’s In a very good shape. I can’t see why did he loss this fight.”

In the Philippines where Manny Pacquiao was born and raised, all are still in shock after the fight had ended with one left hook. They all can’t accept it, they are all trying their best to get over of what had happened but they just can’t seem to see how. I hope Manny was OK,