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Floyd Mayweather to Pay for Manny Pacquiao’s Injury Surgery

LAS VEGAS – From recently concluded “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Where Floyd won the bout by unanimous decision. During the fight Floyd Mayweather knows about the injury after hugging Manny Pacquiao.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. hugging Manny Pacquiao to check right arm injury

According to Floyd Mayweather he felt that Manny Pacquiao is in pain while he hugged him on the first round, he felt that his right arm is in pain, he can’t fully move it and just rest it hanging after a punch. With Floyd knowing this, he hugged Manny through out the fight to ease up the pain. And to extend the help to Manny Pacquiao considering that he has all the advantages, he will be paying for the surgery of his injury.

With this, Floyd will be choosing the doctor who will be doing the surgery, because he wants to make sure that it will be fixed and be ready for there rematch on December 2015.