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Google to Develop a new Programming Language with Filipinos as a Team

MOUNTAINVIEW CALIFORNIA – Tech giant Google is now exploring yet another programming language 6 years after the public release of Go Language. The new programming language and its platform is said to be designed for Big Data and future challenges in computing and analytics.

Big data and analytics had been hot on the tech scene for the past years. It is a bigger and broader answer on today’s computing challenges specifically on data analytics. As an answer to this Google had been starting of¬†into the possibility of expanding Go Language but exploring as well on creating a new one based on its foundation.

The programming language will be called as PO – G1 Lang which stands for Parsed¬†Object Based – GO 1 Language. It is a lightweight and powerful programming language with 10 native modules and 150 Go Language connected modules. The language is mostly tested with mathematical models designed for Formal Concept Analysis and Neural Networks in a petabyte of weather data. It currently runs and gets deployed on Google’s Appengine.

PO – G1 Lang is developed here in Google Philippines Office with the help of several Filipino ICT Communities and with partnership to different Universities and Colleges across Manila. The team is headed by Michael Sotto the Chief Technology Officer of The Codestack, a big data startup here in the Philippines and Southeast Asia with main focus on AIs and Big Data Analytics for Weather and Social Interactions. PO – G1 Lang is targeted to be publicly released on April 1, 2019 and it will be opensource.