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WANTED Notorius Goat from Zambar

ZAMBAR AFRICA – The alleged chief of command already given his statement about the crime happened at Lokolokow Village of Zambar. In his detailed speech he said that he did give the orders to take down the most notorious goat in town with a price of $1,000,000. The chief of command already diploid his men to catch the most prominent suspect for making a deal with terrorists.


But after the chief of command finished his speech all the people started calling him a leader without his dick. The people are so mad about what happened at Lolokow Village for the reason that those who were kicked by the goat were a family member, a friend, or someone special to them. It made a roar in social media making it bigger news and already made sudden accusations about what happened. They all want an explanation but the chief of command demands everyone to understand him and also to understand his pet dog for being lazy having a nap while his men are working hard to capture the said terrorist. In the other side of the news Aritmika already clarified that the $1,000,000 bounty will only be given to the information broker and not to anyone else.