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ISAFP unfolded new Revolutionary Rebel Group called “Ampalaya Liberation Front”

CUYAPO – Intelligence Service Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) unfolded a new security threat on the outskirts of Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija. It is a revolutionary rebel group, where they call themselves as Ampalaya Liberation Front (ALF).

CoverAmpalaya Liberation Front (ALF) is led by a woman, which is called Ma’am Bitter Gourd, the organization’s roots is still unknown except for its mantra of “Freedom from Bitterness of this Corrupted World that Commercialize Love” and the kinds of members that it has is mainly composed of single ampalaya farmers. As per intelligence report they have a very big national following which have infiltrated every local government units in the country. It is also known that they have funding coming from “Global Singles Council” a global “Be Single” advocate group.

ISAFP also have unfolded a propaganda framework that ALF will be launching on the 14th of February this year which will be in a form of a Viral Video that condemns Commercialization of Love and why we should be bitter about it. There are also plans of wide hacking for bitterness ala Anonymous, where they will be targeting websites that promotes commercialized love such as escort services, selling of overpriced flowers in a bouquet, chocolates that are near expiration and selling of motel reservations.

Ampalaya Liberation Front troop shouting "Bitter kami sa commercialization ng love"

Ampalaya Liberation Front troop shouting “Bitter kami sa commercialization ng love”

Apparently though ALF have no plans of resorting into violent acts such as bomding of hotels or motels, flower shops and the like. But they are more keen on vandalizing stores that hype love commercialization, or worse they will burn this stores or commercial outlets. ALF also have no plans for peace talks and they will go head to head with the government if they have to.

ISAFP still don’t have a clear information how big the threat is but they know it is a threat and will be a threat for a long time. They don’t also have a concrete data why they hate commercialization of love or why that particular social problem as a target.