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Goat died after being Raped by Big Fat Lady

BAUANG, LA UNION – A goat was found dead near a farm in the town of Bauang, La Union, it has some bruises on the hip area with bones shuttered into pieces. It is believed that it was raped by a guest from a resort nearby.

Dead goat

It was 7:00 am of February 5, 2015 when they found their goat dead and cold near their farm. It was believed that a big fat lady which is a guest from a nearby resort raped the poor goat and brought death upon it. From an autopsy report the goat died from severe internal bleeding due to shattered bones brought about by the weight of the big fat lady which goes around 780KG.

The owners will not press charges against the big fat lady and just decided to cook the dead goat and eat it for lunch.