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There is an Increase of 40% on PH Population by September or October 2015

MANILA – Experts are looking into charts of human activities this New Year’s eve and looking into the numbers and then computed for a 40% possible increase on Philippine population by September or October 2015. What could be the reason for this?

According to the experts, New Years’s eve is a popper’s night. Some are playing with firecrackers on their backyard or on their loam to welcome the new year with a bang. Yet with the increasing numbers of cities here in the Philippines that bans the use of firecrackers on common households. Filipinos started to resort into an alternative to welcome the new year, which is sex… Yes you read it right having sex and popping it inside.

With this shift on human activities it greatly have an impact on the country’s population growth on a particular month which can be observed during the last two weeks of September or early weeks of October which is exactly or barely 9 months after January 1. For this year of 2015, with more cities banning firecrackers it will bring around 40% increase on population because more are going into the alternative activity of having sex. And experts expect that it may also surpass the “Valentine Babies Phenomenon” which brings around an increase of 20% to 30% on the population during October and November.

Other experts also stated that October can be the month to have the most babies born in the country when the products of New Year’s Eve and “Valentine Babies Phenomenon” are brought to this world. And they project it to have an increase of 43% on the population because of this.

That’s it Happy New Year everyone!!! Keep popping that inside…