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Steam to Lobby a Law to Stop Banning of DOTA 2 in any Barangay in the Philippines

MANILA – Steam via their Singapore is finding ways to make their game Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 to be available for everyone to play.

Steam is a game publishing company from the US, and it is very popular because of their games such as DOTA 2, Half-life and Counterstrike. They have been very popular on every regions in the world specially in Southeast Asia, yet their popularity is at stake after a Barangay in Cavite banned their most popular game DOTA 2, which could also affect the gaming and internet cafe industry in the Philippines.


Barangay Salawag of Cavity its Captain and council have deliberately banned the game for the reason of game addiction and violence brought about by the game. And because of this Steam and Internet Cafe Industry is fearing that if other Barangays may follow or worst Local Government wide ban could happen and definitely will be hurting the industry with an approximate of Php. 100M loss every year. With that Internet Cafe Owners contacted Steam to help them lobby to protect DOTA (2) from this kind of senseless, hilarious and stupid law.

Steam have promised to spend millions to lobby in the Philippine Congress to protect DOTA 2 and other games that they publish to be protected from bans on any barangay and Local Government Unit through out the Philippines. They already sought the help of the ICT Development Committee of the Philippine Congress and Senate about the matter and they are also getting good feedback from the committee about the matter based on the following reasons why any Barangay and LGU should not ban any games on their place.

  1. Games does not promote violence, it is how the parents let their child grow that brings about violence into their daily activity
  2. Games does not promote gambling, it is how the parents thought their child to value money and trading in very step of the way
  3. Games promotes critical thinking, leadership and sportsmanship
  4. Games promotes strategic thinking, a deeper form of critical thinking and intelligence


Steam is also advised to ask for Temporary Restraining Order from Supreme Court to any laws that hinder access to any games during the whole course of law creation.