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Preacher of “Idolatry is a sin” will do a Grandstand Preaching During the Papal Visit

MANILA – The group who invaded and preached against the idolatry during the Feast of the Black Nazarene is planning to do another round of preaching but bigger during the Papal Visit. Where he was aiming to be heard even by Pope Francis.

Paul Christian Paculin a 25 years old street preacher who shouted to the passing devotees of Black Nazerene during its feast last January 9, 2015, is planning for another street preaching session but on a grand stand scale and he will do this during the Papal Visit. He hopes that they don’t get mobbed during the Papal Visit when they grandstand a preaching session beside Quirino Grandstand.

He has this 5 reasons why it should be done:

1. To emphasize the pope’s statement that he is not God or Jesus, he is just a representative.

2. To make sure that everyone on the crowd gets to understand that idolatry is bad.

3. To tell more stuff about Catholicism and its sins.

4. To convert more people to be saved.

5. To be extremely popular event to the pope.

It may sound insane but this kid really have the guts to tell everyone what are his beliefs and willing to die for it. Though he has to put it on the proper place where it won’t somewhat disrespect a certain ideology of a religion. He might believe it that way, but Catholics don’t which he should respect and stop mingling with.