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Kim Jong Un Reached The Space while Flying His New Plane

PYONGYANG – Video of North Korea’s Supreme Leader flying a plane goes viral today over the internet. It was his first time to fly a real airplane and he is very excited about it and was able to bring it to the limits. Know what he did from this article.

Kim Jong Un with his best pilots flew his new carrier airplane and pushed it to the limits, it was for North Korea to see their supreme leader to fly and test a new airline carrier to be used by their government which made everyone to be very excited. It was able to cruise even beyond 50,000 ft., which is also first for the model of the plane they used that is believed to be manufactured by North Korea itself.

Though at 67,000 ft the plane got cut off from communication, no one from air control was able to contact the plane flown by Kim Jong Un. But for about 30 minutes communications came back and the plane landed safely with Kim Jong Un unharmed. After the landing Kim Jung Un was very happy to announce that he reached a height that he can see the outer space already, he brought back with him a good shot of the earth’s surface and the outer space.


This is really amazing to see that Kim Jong Un is really into doing great things to tell the world that North Korea’s supreme leader is not to be joked about and be played around. He can really fly based from the video and he can even reach the space with the use of the airplane they manufactured.